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October 1, 2011

Subway "That's A Lot" :30 TV

• When giving a list of related ideas that build on each other, you can give each idea its own space. When that Lexus car commercial says "Escape convention, escape definition, escape compromise," those ideas build upon each other, but they all deserve to be treated as their own separate thing. We don't want to hear that you're rattling off a list . . . we'd rather hear each idea as it comes to you. We don't know what's coming next! Same goes for something as ridiculous as kiddie pools full of grease, water coolers full of grease, and bird baths full of grease. You can consider each one separately as the image comes to mind. (Eww, gross.)
In one year, U.S. restaurants can produce up to 1.4 million pounds of grease.
Enough to fill 3300 kiddie pools, over 33,000 water coolers, or 111,000 bird baths.

[Over a burger on-screen]
Of course, a lot of it ends up right here.

Skip the grease.
Go for the breakthrough taste of the new Subway Oven Crisp Chicken.
Always baked, never fried.
Merely 7 grams of fat,
and the newest part of a Subway Fresh Fit Meal.

Subway. Eat Fresh.

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