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October 8, 2011

Kraft Mac and Cheese :30 TV

Can't have a VO class without at least one "DUH read," as I like to call it. I actually chose this spot because the VO's timbre on the "real" spot reminded me of our own Shana's voice quite a bit. The real VO's voice is a bit lower than Shana's...or maybe it just seems that way because her low end is emphasized in processing. I really think it's on purpose, so the range of the VO doesn't compete with the kids singing "Put a smile on your faaaace" in the background in their high kids' register . . .

Watch the "real" spot on YouTube and tell me what you think:

Want more smiles for your dollar?
With Kraft Mac and Cheese, you get 3 bowls for about a dollar.
And that's a lot to smile about.

Kraft Mac and Cheese. It's the cheesiest.

For online savings,
and to help donate a million boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese to FeedingAmerica,
visit ShareALittleComfort dot com.

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