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October 22, 2011

Kinney Drugs "Caregiver/Ready Scripts" :30 TV

When you get a rather boilerplate, generic-sounding piece of copy like this spot, look for moments where you can inject your personal opinion and point-of-view. This will make or break your read! Those first FOUR sentences of this spot are four platitudes, all in a row. Platitudes are sentiments that nobody in the audience should disagree with – which is great, because you always want your listener to say "yes" – but the platitude has no power if it's delivered as anything but an an authentic, honest opinion. A line like "With my busy life, it can be hard taking care of everyone" absolutely MUST be delivered as an honest admission, or the audience will be saying "Give me a break!" Heather delivers an excellent read starting at 7:44. Compare this to her first couple of reads, and hear how much more convincing she is, when she doesn't sound like she's trying to convince anyone.
My mom's always been there, to take care of me.
She's never let me down.

When her health started changing,
I wanted to make sure she always had her medications.

With my busy life,
it can be hard taking care of everyone.

So I enrolled Mom in ReadyScripts, from Kinney Drugs.

Our Kinney pharmacist refills her prescriptions automatically,
so she doesn't forget, or have to wait.
Kinney will even deliver them for free.

Now, I take care of Mom,
And Kinney takes care of us both.

Kinney Drugs.

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