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November 5, 2011

2012 Chrysler 300 :30 TV

From the first line of the spot, this AVO is overflowing with opinion and point-of-view. The AVO is dismissive of the idea of a fuel-efficient car as an end in itself. And even contractions like "gonna" and "gotta" show that this AVO is a real person, not a disembodied voice.

Of particular note is the use of the word "and" on the line "One with character, and conviction, and pride..." This is meant to sound like we're naming these attributes as we think of them, rather than reading them off a prepared page.
If you're gonna build a fuel-efficient car,
The first thing you gotta do, is build a car that's worth building.
One with character, and conviction,
and pride you can notice from down the street.

Then, and only then,
do you put in an 8-speed transmission
that gets 31 miles per gallon.

That combination of luxury and efficiency
only comes from one place in the world.

(On-screen text:
The new, 31 mile per gallon, Chrysler 300.
Chrysler. Imported from Detroit.)

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