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November 5, 2011

Freschetta Pizza :30 TV

Even an announcer role has conflict and a problem to solve. When you get a commercial script, look for the line where the "lightbulb" comes on. It'll usually be when you hear the product name, or when we first see the product on-screen and realize what the commercial is actually for. It's where we go from thinking-out-loud about a problem, to knowing and sharing the solution to that problem.

In this Freschetta Pizza spot, for example, we get several questions right at the top. Ask these questions as if you know there's only one possible answer. Make your listener want to know what's coming next. The answer to those questions is the product. Everything from the product on down to the end of the spot is the answer that only YOU have, so we want to hear you letting us in on a secret. Once that lightbulb is on, it remains on and lends its energy to the rest of the spot.

The podcast episode for this spot is rather a marathon at 25 minutes, with both Mike and Heather discovering a lot of new things. Stick with me. As always, you can click the title of this blog post to get to the "real" spot on YouTube.

Who makes a better-tasting pizza?
Who uses real tomatoes, and all real cheeses,
Dough that rises naturally, with no chemical leaveners?
Who uses only premium meats?
Who makes it taste fresh?

Freschetta Naturally Rising Crust Pizza.

No other pizza tastes like Freschetta,
Because no other pizza is made like Freschetta.

And for a crispy, fire-baked crust, try our Brick Oven pizza.


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