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November 5, 2011

Crayola Dry-Erase Crayons :30 TV

Another thing you didn't know you needed! This is an example of the rare spot that mentions the brand/product immediately. As Heather points out, "That's because everybody loves Crayola." Most spots take a little longer to draw us in. As you watch TV, pay attention to when in the commercial the brand/product is first mentioned. Very few will drop that name immediately. (Even Apple spots don't show you the Apple logo til the end. Of course, with Apple you usually know you're watching an Apple product spot before you see the logo. But that, too, is designed to make the listener/viewer feel smart, like they're in on the secret.)

Meanwhile, in the Crayola aisle:
At last, Crayola dry-erase crayons
combine all that kids love about dry-erase,
with all they love about crayons.

Crayola dry-erase crayons are washable,
won't dry out,
and wipe away like magic.

Now ideas transform, right before their eyes.
Idea, after idea, after idea.

For back to school,
find Crayola dry-erase crayons and sets
in the Crayola aisle.

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