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November 5, 2011

Clorox "Timeline" :30 TV

Pretty anthemic for a spot about something as mundane as washing your socks. Check out the "real" version on YouTube (click the title of this blog post to see it). You'll see the time-lapse footage of folks doing laundry since 1913. It's hypnotic.

And it's one of those spots where we don't hear the product name until the very end. Because the "lightbulb" doesn't come on until the very last words of the commercial, the entire spot should sound like thought. Even the last line should sound like a nice, slow, deliberate realization.
Laundry is not new.
Your mother, your grandmother, her mother,
They all did the laundry.
Maybe even a man or two.

And although a lot has changed...
The machines,
the detergents,
the clothes themselves,

The bleach most trusted to keep whites pure white
is still Clorox bleach.

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